UPG Corruption Allegation Rage On As New Evidence Surfaces

The controversy of corruption and bribery allegations against Universal Print Group (UPG) of South Africa has continued.
PF Kabwata constituency aspirant, Given Lubinda claims more evidence of corrupt practices against the company has emerged.
He claims some ECZ officials working with UPG set up what he termed dummy companies, to issue dubious invoices.
Mr. Lubinda claims in one instance the alleged company issued a dubious invoice for a colossal amount of 90,000 US dollars.
He was speaking at a media briefing.

One Response to "UPG Corruption Allegation Rage On As New Evidence Surfaces"

  1. RENEGADE   August 21, 2011 at 6:09 am

    Too Bad 4 Zambia. Can we 4 a moment stop politiking and reflect on wht hs been reveal’d? Plz sum must be brave and take this issue 2 its logical conclusion. GOD help Zambia