EXPOSED: Zambian Women Target British Citizens To Marry Them In Order To Stay In England

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my view on this silent crime that most Zambian women have now resorted to, first thing,am a student in England doing a Pyscology degree and i have come to notice that most students who are foreigners are desperate to marry a British citizen or someone with permanent resident in order to stay here (England) after the end of their student Visas, its really embarrassing for our women fork to be doing this sort of thing just for papers, the other issue is Zambian women based in Zambian targeting British or Zambians with permanent resident in Britain to marry them and once they are brought to England dump their husband and disappear as in the case of former radio phoenix DJ Miles or Mzamose Zulu who crooked a Zambian British soldier after meeting at a Pub in Lusaka and once married her, left him and even stole his money, its a very sad thing.

I would urge whoever wants to settle in Britain to use proper channels though its hard but that the only option,and guys like that Zambian soldier,how can you marry someone you just meet in pubs?

Lets be responsible, People like DJ miles am told she even told her workmates at radio phoenix her marriage was just a step forward in life, a path to see her in Europe and be able to be helping her parents in Zambia.

Parents should also be responsible for their children.

Gilbert Zulu

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155 Responses to EXPOSED: Zambian Women Target British Citizens To Marry Them In Order To Stay In England

  1. Francis Zulu Reply

    November 3, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    No amount of name calling of this Muzungu will change this fact. If you are not such a woman, then that’s very good of you. But do not blind yourself to this common reality about our Zambian women. Example are many. It open secret that a zambian woman dating a muzungu is fashionable and classic no matter the status of that muzungu back home.

    • Francis Zulu Reply

      November 3, 2013 at 12:21 pm

      come to Livingstone and see for yourself how the old and finished ba zungu tourists are a hot cake for the poverty stricken Zambian young women. By the way have you bothered to check the poverty rate statistic in Zambia? It may help to have an objective discussion and not being emotional

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