Lack Of Govt Representation At 2018 Exowaste Exibition Irks ICALI


By Pascal Chikumbi, ICALI Chairperson

Integrated Community Anti-litter Initiative (ICALI) has gained immense recognition by many Organizations participating in the 2018 Exowaste Exhibition being held alongside with International Water Summit, World Future Energy Summit,International Solar Expo and Energy Efficiency.All these events which are held under one roof at the vast Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center in UAE and comes to an end on 18th January, 2018 attracted the participation of the World’s renowned Environmentalists,technologists,Scietists and business organizations from Middle East, Western Countries Organizations and a handful African official representatives from Nigeria, Eygpt and Kenya which included some school children who apparently have been attending the Youth Climate Exchange Forum during the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week. Amongst some of the very few organizations from Africa attending this magnificent event is Integrated Community Anti-litter Initiative whose attendance was made possible by merger contributions from the organization’s board members. Some of the speakers who have featured and will continue to speak on various forums are the Industries most influential leaders such as His Excellency Dr Thani Almed Al Zeyoudi who is the Minister of Climate Change and Environment in UAE, Eng.Saeed Al Mehairbi who’s the acting General Manager of Tadweer which plays pivotal role in sustainable waste management in Abu Dhabi, Edward Nicholas who is the Executive director of Tribe Infrastructure Group and countless profession speakers from other countries. Some of the highlights on Eco-waste exhibition was an Abu Dhabi Organic Waste Recycling Technology institution which has been Showcasing electric recycling machines which can recycle organic waste with only about 5 % stress depending on the quantity and ranging from household organic waste to organic waste generated by Hospitality Industries and many other amazing exhibitions and presantions by other organizations. Our crusade of promoting a litter free environment,sustainable hazardous and solid waste management and waste value addition is almost coming to reality due to engagements with other concerned institutions including the Zambian Government through various Ministries and Institutions who recently welcomed us on board and about to work together. However, we would like to register our concern on the none availability of critical Ministries such as Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection, Ministry of Energy, Local Government, ZEMA and other institutions which could have gained enormous benefit on solutions offered by renowed institutions and various professions with immense expertise on challenges currently faced by our country on sustainable waste management, water and sanitation, renewable energy, alternative source of energy such as solar and many cross cutting issues which were widely covered. We desire that whenever such golden opportunities occur,stakeholders in our country should size them with the urgent attention they deserve.