Mapalo And Bupe Get K70, 000 Education Policy

Mapalo And Bupe Get K70, 000 Education Policy

MAPALO Mwape and her sister Bupe, the formerly conjoined twins have received a K70,000 education policy from Prudential as a head-start towards their future.

Prudential chief operations officer Damian McGeown said it was the company’s contribution in line with the International Women’s Day commemoration in securing the future of the two young girls’ education.

Mr McGeown said this was a five-year insurance cover to assist the children’s firm foundation in their education.

“On the spirit of empowering women through education Prudential Zambia is proud to make certain that Bupe and Mapalo the nine-month old daughters of Moses and Lydia Mwape, who underwent a successful surgery that changed Zambia’s history, are insured for their education that will see them getting a start at becoming the educated leaders that this country needs and to also remove the burden of worrying about their future school fees from their mother,” he said.

He explained that the education policy represents a K10,000 annual premium towards assuring a bright future to empower the girls to be independent, modern day self-reliant women.

And Women and Newborn Hospital acting senior medical superintendent Mulindi Mwanahamuntu disclosed that Bupe and Mapalo had been discharged from critical care under the hospital, but that they were in hospital to monitor their milestone development.

He said because they were joined for over six months, there were some activities of growth that have not yet manifested as delayed milestones.

“They are not patients per say. The hospital has done its job, they were discharged from critical care but they are still with us only for rehabilitation because there are certain things that are slow about them.

“As you know they were joined for over 6 months and therefor there are some milestones that were slightly delayed and we are keeping them just to make sure we are monitoring these milestones and try to see how quickly they will catch up,” he said.

Dr Mwanahamuntu has assured the nation that the twins would soon be discharged from hospital to their home village in Kawambwa.

And the parents have hailed the massive support they had received during their stay at the hospital through the operation up todate.

Mr Mwape, amid tears, wished for God’s blessings on all those that had helped him, his wife Lydia and his children throughout the period they have been admitted to hospital.

Adding:  “nikumaka yakwa Lesa umwine uwalenga ati twikale napano ngefi, ukuti ndele naba abana” (it is with God’s grace that we can even sit here today, and hold my children as I am doing right now).