Nissan continues investing in Africa with the opening of a new dealership in Zambia


LUSAKA,Zambia (March22, 2018) Global economic analysts agree that Africa has enormous financial potential and similarly, the automotive industry has just as much potential for growth as demand for vehicles is set to rise in coming years. For this reason, Nissan Group of Africa has been expanding its operations on the continent and continues its ongoing investments with the opening of its third showroom in Zambia.

“With a great deal of help from Tim Jaques, the Managing Director of our partner, MOTUS Africa, Nissan is reinforcing its strategy of leading the way into high-potential growth markets with the opening of a new showroom in Zambia,” said Liz Segal, Nissan Group of Africa General Manager of Sub-Saharan Africa Sales.

“Among the 54 countries in Africa, 18 have a higher GDP per capita than India, at $1,500 and eight more African countries have a GDP per capita of more than $1,000. Among the top 20 countries that are forecast to have the highest GDP growth rate in the world this year, 10 are in Africa,” said Segal.


African markets are among the 160 countries worldwide where Nissan offers products and services. The company also has manufacturing facilities in 20 countries, including two in Sub-Saharan Africa – South Africa and Nigeria.

“The most important thing to understand about Africa is that it’s not one country. Every country on this continent is unique and operates in a distinct fashion, and one needs to adapt to each country’s specific way of doing business. That’s why Nissan takes pride in this expansion in Zambia because it’s the result of our deep understanding of each of the markets we operate in,” said Segal.

“We are in partnership with Nissan in Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya because we believe in the growth potential of the African automotive sector. We would like to see all Africans having access to respected vehicle brands such as Nissan and we’re constantly working on creating new avenues of access,” said Jaques.

At Nissan’s new Zambia dealership, potential customers will be immersed in a premium Nissan experience and will have the opportunity to enjoy new modelswhich have innovative Nissan Intelligent Mobility (NIM) features.

“At Nissan, our aim is to become one of the leading automotive companies in Africa with an aggressive growth strategy that includes expanding our dealer network and product line-up,” said Segal.

Globally, there is an understanding that Africa needs to grow and that business must create wealth here. As we witness an increase in investment on the continent, Nissan anticipates that by 2022, the company’s African market share (outside of South Africa), will grow to 20% and the continent will be well on its way to reaching its economic development goals.