Statement On President Lungu’s Commitment To The Dialogue Progress

Zambian DNA commends President Edgar Lungu for once again reiterating his tacit commitment to the Dialogue Process without attaching any conditions.

We also welcome President Lungu’s directive to the Minister of Justice to halt the constitution amendments until the Dialogue Process is completed.

This underscores the Head of State’s commitment to accommodate other stakeholders’ views on the constitution making process.

However, we expect the other stakeholders to reciprocate President Lungu’s goodwill gesture, by as well committing themselves to the Dialogue Process without attaching any conditions, and desisting from making any statements that may contaminate the whole Dialogue process.

Indeed, it is worth noting that the Dialogue Process must be premised on the principle of ‘ GIVE AND TAKE’

The Zambian DNA also commends the Zambia Centre for Inter Party Dialogue { ZCID } and all those who have been spearheading the Dialogue Process.

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