6 Reasons Why Many Church Goers Have Remained Poor

6 Reasons Why Many Church Goers Have Remained Poor

By Renox Mutondo
In case a child asked you, “why is it that many people who go to church are poor?” Especially you the teachers of Social Studies you can use some of the following points below to make a child carry the right answers.However, this does not only concern children but everyone who goes to church to know and understand why one man goes to church becomes financially secured while the other one is still rotating in poverty though both men go to the same church, and listen to the same sermons? Please take note of these points because they will align you to success.
1. MOST churchgoers don’t understand the principles of money.They think to be humble is to be rich but they are already humble and yet they are still poor. How come? It like an accountant who always count money but how come he is also poor? The fact is that the principle of money is deeper in philosophical placed in the Bible.The reason why God did this was to punish those who disobey him.In other words, until you seek wisdom, knowledge and understanding from God of how money works, then you are going to see what many people miss. They can read the scriptures but they can still fail to understand what is about money if they can’t just look up to God to ask wisdom, knowledge and understanding about the subject of money, knowing what to do. Poor people only ask God for money instead of praying to God to have wisdom and understanding before they have money. These are the people who can have money but they blow away or waste because they lacked understanding.Successful churchgoers understand that before I have money,what should I have? Jesus said some people are like children playing in the market place but they don’t understand that they are in place where money is.

2. WRONG PERCEPTION ABOUT MONEY. Most churchgoers view that money is the root of all evil. This is absolutely failure to know the right thing. The same Bible in Ecclesiastes says money solves the problems. Money is not the root of all unless you are only looking for money in your life and you don’t know how well to use it. Robert Kiyosaki says:”The lack of money is the root of all evil.” How true that is? Bill Gates has billions of money but have you have read in the magazines that he has done this evil and that? But we have poor people with only K2 who smokes and drink alcohol so whose money is evil? In the Bible, we have Abraham and Job. Abraham was very rich; Job was richest man in the east but how come these people were not evil. The Bible says Job had Fear of the Lord.Mearning that he knew exactly how he was supposed to live regardless of the wealth he had. If you follow the dialogue, his friends would think that maybe he was not helping the poor but Job refused that he used to give whatever kind of people.

3. HEAVEN RICHES. If you have heard, most average people say that it would be better they became poor on earth but find riches in heaven. HOW POSSIBLE? Jesus did not fail his work on earth to be where he is today. The work of man is on earth. The Bible asks us to help the poor.Now if you fail, how will Jesus defend you? It is not easy to fail on earth but succeed in heaven.Then there is no judgement. The Bible says God will judge both the right things and the wrong things. Hence, whether you choose to be poor or rich, the fact is, you and I will give an account. This is what has made many churchgoers to fail to find the meaning of their purpose on earth or what they were meant. to be, live and do on earth. I like a song by Randy, he says: “It’s not what you take when you are living this world behind you.It is what you live behind when you go.” I like what this famous actor Arnold said: ” We were all created to make a change.”

4.DOGMA. Too often, you would hear many church attendants saying, “our man of God said.” These people just follow whatever the man of God says whether he asks them to remove an underpant, kiss the shoes, eat the grass and so on. Solomon said that a fool believes anything.And I am sure today you are able to see what is happening between many men of God and their churches. Successful people think differently and Paul in the Bible understood that.They are questioners before they believe or welcome anything like, ‘is this true or not, where is it written in the Bible?’ But average people quote the men of God.
5.DEAD FAITH. This is kind of faith without work or actions.Most churchgoers are lazy. Yes, they are believers but do nothing. They are only good at going to the mountain as if they want to go to heaven also.

Today almost every house is house of prayers and nearly every school today has a church on rentals.Yes, it is good to pray yet there must be some good thinking also. Some of them pray louder at night disturbing the communities. Now I don’t know how God can grant your prayer which is affecting other people. How wish to see Jesus praying louder. Most people hate thinking.They can do other things but they don’t give themselves time to think about the way of living, how to change themselves and the communities. Many people like talking than thinking and many churchgoers are like that. But the Bible says that for a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” They don’t know the power of thinking.

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