Vision For National Unity And Transformation

DATE: 22-05-2018


As Movement for National Transformation, MNT, we seek to counsel all political players, to aspire for a vision for national unity, and transformation for Zambia. This is so because ; we as a nation, since 2011, have lost the fundamentals of multi-partisanship, visionary transformative leadership, contextualisation of our democratic values, christian values, and inclusive economic growth. This can be done by :

Firstly, understanding that since 1991, as a nation, we subscribed to multiparty democracy. This was the beginning of plural politics in Zambia. We have since forgotten the pain of a one party state, that is why, we have started lapsing back to dictatorial tendencies, and reversing the gains of co-existence, tolerance, and respect for divergent views in our political discourse. This is counterproductive.

Secondly, we need visionary transformative leadership, that is mature to build consensus among all Zambians, regardless of partisan, tribal, or regional stereotyping. First world Zambia ideology, and vision, is the inward looking, inclusive vision, and ultimate development for all Citizens, to make our nation, the best nation we can craft for ourselves in the 21st century. All other relative development plans, will not take us there. Transactional leadership and transitional leadership, cannot be guaranteed. Transgressional leadership, has failed us with corruption. The collective cry of all Zambians now is holistic aggressive transformation, which MNT, is offering without doubt, for the benefit of the. Whole country, in all sectors. It is competitive, and comparatively advanced, for industrialisation, and macroeconomic dominance, such as never seen before.

Thirdly, our Sovereignty can only be meaningful, If we contextualised, and reformed our democracy through institutional capacity building. In a Christian nation, our national democracy must be conservative of certain conflicting cultures, that dishonor God like; gayism, tribalism, bad liberalism, and terrorism, to name but a few. Fundamentals of the rule of law, constitutionalism, electoral reforms, freedoms of expression, conscience, assembly, and reforms of the criminal justice system, which are vital components, of any modern society, of an advanced society we seek, as first world nation status.

Fourthly, christian values must compel us, to be respectful, responsible citizens, hardworking, loving, inclusive, caring, supportive of one another, and patriotic in all. Such things as ; corruption, tribalism, nepotism, bloodshed, violence, arrogance, segregation, injustice, and intolerance are all antichrist practices, and connote a demonic system. MNT, will advance all these values in our government, for all Zambians, regardless of race, religion, or tribe.

Fifthly, our worst un- mastered part of our nationhood, has been our bad economic management of the country’s national resources. We must be conservative, how we dispense our valuable national resources, especially to foreigners. We must be inward looking in macro-economic policy, for sustainable development. We must aspire to be an advanced regional, and globally advanced economy. Myopic thinking, and mediocrity, must not be tolerated as we have wasted 54 years after independence with nothing to show, in real development concrete terms. Relative development plans, outward sustainable goals of the United Nations, UN, are all just minimum benchmarks, not restrictive to the ultimates. Zambia deserves more now, than remaining a chronic palliative potential, to meet the demands of population growth, rural and urban backward communities, with high levels of ; unemployment, inequalities, poverty, illiteracy, and infrastructure deficit. This will require transformative leadership , and maturity in our national discourse. There is no time to waste, let us build, and craft a nation, we shall all be proud to live in, and bequeath the same, beyond our generation, in greatness. This is how first world Zambia transformation, and unity will be, with the MNT founding President. True leaders respect people, never play to peer rivalry, corruption, Aid-ism, violence, insults or violence, but pursue wisdom, and the good of all Citizens than self-preservation.

Issued by:

Daniel Mvula Shimunza

Founding President
Movement for National Transformation
For First World Zambia Ideology