Canisius Banda Castigates UPND

Canisius Banda Castigates UPND

Former UPND Vice President for Administration Dr. Canicius Banda has castigated the opposition UPND for shunning this year’s African Freedom Day commemorations accusing them of being disorientated.

Dr. Banda said in an interview with QTV News that the UPND are acting full of themselves and thinking the world can only run with them in charge.

He charges that the UPND’s agenda for shunning functions that benefit the whole nation should be questioned by all well meaning Zambians.

He has further charged that it is sad that the UPND is presently a platform for ethnic pride instead of it being a platform for national pride.

Dr Banda says the opposition UPND should have attended the African Freedom Day commemorations as a symbolic gesture to tell their supporters that freedom and independence are cardinal to the development and future of the nation

He has since called for Zambians to pray for the opposition UPND so they can have a change of mindset when it comes such important national matters that require co-existence.

One Response to "Canisius Banda Castigates UPND"

  1. BLACK BAUER   May 29, 2018 at 8:47 am

    Its good that these words are coming from you who once sang the same tune as them so in retrospect how do you feel?