Why The Bible Is The Most Fundamental Book?

Why The Bible Is The Most Fundamental Book?

1. The most selling book in the world is the Bible. There hasn’t been any book including other sacred books that has sold more than the Bible in history. No matter how someone can write a book even with devil’s help, still the Bible surpasses it.

2. The Bible is the only Book of which its prophesy are true.

3. The Bible is the only Book that produces MILLIONS not hundred or thousands but MILLIONS of people testifying how it has assisted them to find a purposeful life.

4. The Bible is the Greatest Book of ideas where MANY writers even many non Christians extract the information from even if the latter don’t quote it and I wonder why they don’t acknowledge it.

5. The Bible is the Most Book which is found with children to adults even if some don’t know how to read either they are Christian or non Christians. Many people do not have motivational books and so on but they have a Bible.

6. The Bible neither kills nor promotes killing of people and nature. It is a Book that promotes humanity, love, peace and other imperative concepts that make life better than other books that promotes terrorism and so on.

So GET or BUY the Bible.