Statement On Pres. Lungu’s Stance Against Proposed Secret Meeting

June 4, 2018

Zambian DNA commends President Edgar Lungu for rejecting the secret night meeting proposed by a known opposition party leader.


However, we are elated that President Lungu is ready for an inclusive national dialogue, and not one on one secret night meeting.

Indeed, it’s unusual that an opposition leader who refused to attend independence cerebrations and other national events including the national day of prayers and reconciliation now wants to meet President Lungu.

Further, the same opposition party leaders, in an alliance with other opposition leaders, want to use the back door to get to State House.

We are deeply concerned with the alarming levels of hypocrisy among our politicians who on one hand want dialogue, and on the other are scheming to unseat President Lungu.

We are of the view that the said secret night meeting, proposed by a known opposition leader, is alien to the country’s Christian principles and values.

We also advise opposition party leaders to be open and transparent in their conduct as they seek public office, and not pursue selfish agendas secretly.

We urge all Zambians to ignore opposition leaders who do not have a vision for the country, but are bent on ousting President Lungu from power.

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