PF Calls For Disbandment Of FIC Board For Exposing Govt Corruption

PF Calls For Disbandment Of FIC Board For Exposing Govt Corruption

The opposition UPND has been challenged to realize that the solution to ending political violence in Zambian politics lies in denouncing its violence formula Mapatizya.

Lunte PF Member of Parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya says he has now established that the violence that was being perpetrated in Mapatizya is the one that is now haunting the Country’s politics.

Speaking this morning at the PF Interactive Forum in Lusaka, Mr. Kafwaya, who has echoed President Edgar Lungu’s stance on political violence, has also called on the UPND to denounce political tribalism.

Mr. Kafwaya has argued that just as political violence has the potential to divide the nation, political tribalism also posses the same threat to Zambia’s unity.

And PF Media Director Sunday Chanda has distanced the ruling PF from those propagating that the opposition UPND holds a convention.

Mr. Chanda says while the PF has nothing to do with such calls, it holds the position that the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is breaching both the party and Republican Constitution.

He says the UPND Constitution is in tandem with the Republican Constitution that calls for regular intraparty elections within political parties.

Meanwhile PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza has called for the disbandment of the board of the Financial Intelligence Center (FIC) and the dismissal of its Director General Mary Tshuma.

Mr. Mwanza has argued that by publishing intelligence information in breach of the FIC Act Ms. Tshuma and her board, have abused the Authority of Office and misconduct themselves professionally.

He states that Ms. Tshuma must in fact be reported to law enforcement agencies for Abuse of Authority of Office and professional misconduct.

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  1. IF NOT   June 11, 2018 at 8:15 am

    mapatizya formula, panga to panga will not take you to plot one. You are just doing self dununa reverse.