Kwesé Offer To Broadcast 2018 World Cup Free Of Charge Was Rejected By Zambian Govt

Kwesé Offer To Broadcast 2018 World Cup Free Of Charge Was Rejected By Zambian Govt

I’m a soccer loving fan deeply saddened by this news on Strive Masiyiwa’s facebook page.

Kwesé offer to broadcast 2018 world cup free of charge was rejected.

A soccer fan asked why Zambia and Sierra Leon are the only African countries not benefiting from the provision, Strive Masiyiwa , founder and Group Chairman of Econet Wireless which owns Kwesé TV wrote on his Facebook page this morning:

Sadly in Zambia, the signal management has been put in the hands of a competitor, and even though we have a license to broadcast KFS (free tv channel for sport), that competitor (a Chinese company) has repeatedly frustrated efforts for the free channel to be available in Zambia.
We even considered going to court over the issue, but in the end we just decided that Zambians themselves (who love soccer) will realize how they are being prejudiced and take necessary actions.
Zambia was the first country where we set up Kwese Free Sports Channel because of its amazing interest in soccer, but one day we were just switched off, just like that and it was done by a competitor!
You can still buy a decoder as our Pay Tv Service is operating. We offered the free broadcast to ZNBC, and they declined.
It is now too late for us to give them the feed because we are now focused on the games themselves.
I cannot imagine how such a soccer loving country can be forced to watch the World Cup finals using Pay TV decoders only!

#Remember the poor who cannot afford payTv decoders!

At least the FREE KFS service is available in all countries except Zambia and Sierra Leone.

I love Zambia as you know, because I lived there as a child, and it hurt me that this was allowed to happen.
We must always try and help those who cannot afford.

Stephen Kanange Jr.