PIG Sets Camp in Kitwe to Dismantle Criminal Gangs

PIG Sets Camp in Kitwe to Dismantle Criminal Gangs

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has taken personal interest in the emerging culture of criminal gangs on the Copperbelt and set camp in Kitwe to help dismantle the criminal empires.

Kitwe has in the recent past recorded an increase in criminal gangs with notorious names that have been spreading terror among the residents.

Among the fearsome gangs are the 90 Niggers, Tokota Boys and Sons of the Devil (SOS).

Gangsterism has acquired some notoriety on the Copperbelt with citizens and law enforcement agencies seemingly powerless.

Kanganja has already sounded a warning when he paid courtesy call on Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu stating that police will not spare the gangs once found.

“My aim of coming here is that we smoke them out, that’s I have with a big team, will go round where these gangs are reported to be, I will conduct patrols in the day and night, we cannot allow such activities to continue. I want to personally be on the ground and talk to our people in these areas, we need to assure our people that we are here to protect them,” Kanganja said.

Meanwhile Mpundu has appealed to the Police Command to establish the root cause of gangs in Kitwe and other towns on the Copperbelt.

He alleged that there is a possibility the gangs are being funded by some individuals who said should be found and dealt with.

“The issue of gangs dates far back, sometime times back we had other groupings that I will not mention and then these gangs terrorising our residents, for me we need to be looking at the root cause of these and especially with reports that there could some members of the community that may be sponsoring these, in my view those are the people that we must deal with ruthlessly,” Mpundu said.

Some members belonging to different gangs are appearing in courts facing different charges.

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    Bring them to book, we want peace