Mistreatment Of Employees At EFC Zambia

Mistreatment Of Employees At EFC Zambia

Dear Editor,

Kindly publish below, in copy is the CEO for validation of the story.

Dear Mr Salasini Bedah

True to our email dated on your recruitment of HR Manager, you have brought you very own Betty Kawamba from Barclays Bank. EFC is completely full with all those that Barclays fired during its restructuring according to our research from friends still working for the Bank.

Does it mean you were unable to get anyone from any other institution apart from our very own Barclays? This is simply meant to mistreat us more; this Betty you have brought is like a weapon of mass destruction simply to be told what to do and who to fire.

Is it wrong for people to surely complain about poor salaries and you getting millions of kwacha?

Is it morally right for your Sir to be getting 117,000 kwacha plus 10,000 kwacha fuel and 1,500 worthy of talk time for just sending Friday emails which we don’t even read while us Officer looking for the business is getting 2,500 kwacha on a monthly basis?

Who does more work? Us the poor officers in the field, the poor analysts analyzing files and branches managers always threatened with dismissals by madam Mwaka, Mary and his Royal Highness Christopher Banda getting 80,000? You people must have a sense of shame, you pocket million of free money and on top of that you are mistreating us, firing people like you are the most intelligent?

How come former CEO Andreanne, Claude, Gisling and Moses Serenje made profits with the same people? To you they are all dull and needs to be replaced by Barclays rejects? We have had some opportunity to listen to your so called management meetings and its all trash, we listened to the ones you were issuing empty threat on mwamba mulenga, isn’t that being evil?

Is it because your stomach is full and the rest of us can continue starving? You promised us better salaries and that you were going to engage the Board so that conditions are improved by May, and now its passed, where you making empty promises? Sir you have failed completely and it’s time to pack your bags and go and ensure that you take your Betty with you as she is not wanted here https://www.linkedin.com/in/betty-kawambwa-00934b1a We are tired of EFC smelling Barclays rejects, good performers remained working at Barclays and those who were not got kicked out. How do you tell your managers to come tell us that mwamba mulenga days are numbered?


Fine we have heard that and we have been very careful and we have never used our phones or private laptops but entirely internet cafes from the beginning in different parts of town and today we are meeting in Matero to write this email and continue airing our problems. Even if you shut or block this gmail be assured that we are using a number of platforms such as tumfweko, mwebantu and Zambian watchdog. Now we have a contact at the mast and we have given them your contact and your entire executive so that they ciontact you to valudate if its true we are paid 2,500 because they thought we were lying to them last week.

The union has failed us so we have decided to go state house through the Lusaka province youth Chairman Mr Kamba. You are too greedy to the extent of forgetting your lucrative promises when you came with Mr Lolozi. Someone from Chawama branch even recorded the meeting and we listened to it

Fellow employees let us unite and fight this injustice, they dont like anyone of us and if we are not careful we shall be the ones to lose out. There is no one in management who can and will speak for us, look at how management is now, 4 of them from Barclays Mr Friday Email, Christopher Banda, Mary and now Betty Kawamba, we can no longer count on Sydney as having a heart for anyone as it is now its him against 4 rejects from Barclays. Please let us unite even if they pretend to like you soon they will replace you.

Edna, Edward, Unikedy, Noah, Sikazwe, Olyn and Mr Lusale you are the next to be kicked out as you have been discussed in management meetings of late, Mary and Christopher want to use you as scapegoats for their failure. we are not safe hence lets us stand for our rights. look at how we are being dismissed and forced to resign? even humble people like mathew could see that EFC is on auto pilot, there is no leader as the CEO is busy thinking and planning what he will write every friday.

4 Responses to "Mistreatment Of Employees At EFC Zambia"

  1. Kenneth   June 12, 2018 at 7:50 am

    Is this the EFC that i left some years ago? My Heart breed.

  2. ichipaso   June 12, 2018 at 11:41 am

    @ Kenneth your heart breed??? I think I know why you left….your grammar my dear was bad

  3. Kweshako   June 13, 2018 at 12:12 am

    Hire me,mbatumine akalumba baleke ukutumpa.

  4. Kweshako   June 13, 2018 at 12:14 am

    Hire me mbatumune akalumba baleka ukutumpa ba swine.