School Of Witchcraft Approved At UNZA

School Of Witchcraft Approved At UNZA

UNESCO has given the University of Zambia 340,000 Dollars to develop a Degree Programme to safeguard Intangible Heritage with the first intake comprising of 20 students.

Intangible Heritage comprises of practices such as Witchcraft, social practices such as expression through music, Knowledge, skills-as well as the instruments, objects, artifacts and rituals, the Zambia National Commission for UNESCO has explained.

According Dr. Charles Ndakala, the Zambia National Commission for UNESCO Secretary General, despite efforts in safeguarding cultural heritage, there are cases of destruction of priceless culture heritage in certain countries which threatens traditions and customs.

He spoke to Hot FM News on the sidelines of a five days’ workshop for the orientation of UNZA Lecturers on Intangible Culture Heritage.


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    How authentic is the information?

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