Zambian Pastor: Yes I Infected My Wife With Syphilis

LOCAL Court in Lusaka was sent into laughter when a man admitted infecting his wife with syphilis which he allegedly contracted after sleeping with his girlfriend.

The `man, an ordained Pastor with Pentecostal Holiness Church, said he was forced to sleep with another woman because he needed sexual relief as his wife was usually away on business for one month.

Moses Nyimbili, 54, of Kabanana compound was testifying in a case in which his wife, Jennipher Nyimbili, 49, a business woman, sued him for divorce.

However, Nyimbili said that he still loved Jennipher whom he said would go away for one month at time on business.

The two got married in 1985 and they have seven children and dowry was paid.

Jennipher told Senior Court Magistrates Miyanda Banda and Pauline Newa at Matero Local Court that for 15 years she lived well with Nyimbili as he never used drink beer as an ordained Pastor.

She however explained that after Nyimbili started drinking beer, he became a womaniser and that whenever he came home, he would beat and strip her in the presence of children.

Jennipher added that on May 1, 2018 Nyimbili beat her together with the children as they tried to rescue her, prompting her to spend seven nights in unfinished house with the children.

She said she survived by doing timber business but Nyimbili only depended on money from house rentals.

She complained that he had infected her with syphilis and that despite being counselled by elders, her husband never changed.

In defence, Nyimbili admitted infecting his wife with syphilis saying he wanted sexual relief from his girlfriend because his wife was usually away on business even for a month.

He explained that he was the one who gave Jennipher capital for the business but that he was not happy that she was spoiling the children by telling them that he would suffer if ever she left him.

Nyimbili added that Jennipher was fond of insulting him that he was a loafer adding that it was her fault that he had resorted to womanising.

Nyimbili however begged Jennipher not to leave him and promised to stop drinking and to which Jennipher accepted, saying she would give him another chance.

The court advised Nyimbili to stop drinking and that as an ordained Pastor, there was need for him to wait for his wife for a month and avoid going to girlfriends, a situation which had resulted in him contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

The court also ordered Nyimbili to stop beating Jennipher and reconciled the couple.

2 Responses to "Zambian Pastor: Yes I Infected My Wife With Syphilis"

  1. Kweshako   June 13, 2018 at 12:01 am

    Foolish Pastor,he will never stop.vabwela mochedwa

  2. Maybin Mucheta Mwaba   June 13, 2018 at 5:35 am

    Its very sad for such evil acts from men of God why?