Ndola’s Ndeke Residents Riot Over ‘Dusty Pollution’

Ndola’s Ndeke Residents Riot Over ‘Dusty Pollution’

Residents of Ndola’S Ndeke Township this morning rioted blocking the Chiwala-Chilanga road over the dust pollution emitted by trucks that use the gravel road.

Police have since moved in and managed to restore order in the area.

And area Member of Parliament, Dr. Jonas Chanda says heavy vehicles belonging to prominent companies use the same road leaving residents highly polluted with dust.

Dr. Chanda says the road is a gravel industrial road passing through the residential areas and leading to major companies like Ndola Lime, Zambezi Portland Cement, Neelkanth Cables, Neelkanth Lime, Lafarge Cement Zambia Limited., Dangote Cement, Handymans Zambia Limited, Mei Mei Zambia Limited, and BHL.

He says the road is used by over one hundred heavy duty industrial trucks per day servicing these company and others.

He has described the Chiwala-Chilanga road as an environmental disaster which poses serious health risks to residents due to the heavy pollution as a result of the toxic dust caused by the speeding heavy duty trucks.

Dr. Chanda says this toxic dust which is mixed with industrial chemicals such as cement, lime and other industrial waste has resulted in many residents contracting diseases such Tuberculosis (TB), Bronchitis, Asthma, and other chronic respiratory diseases thereby endangering their lives.

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  1. Munguya   June 13, 2018 at 4:29 pm

    Lets tar it and put a toll gate!