Statement On Perpetrators Of Acts Violence

June 28, 2018

Zambian DNA condemns some selfish and power-hungry opposition party leaders who are habitually perpetrating acts of violence in the country

We have noted with great concern how the said political leaders are fanning acts of violence by issuing provocative and inflammatory statements in the media outlets hostile to Government.

It seems these selfish and power-hungry politicians are on the war path, as they have been inciting their cadres to physically attack their opponents.

We urge all patriotic Zambians not to allow a clique of selfish and power-hungry politicians to engage in acts of violence that hold the potential to disrupt our peace, which we have enjoyed for over 50 years.

Indeed, it’s our collective responsibility as Zambians to protect and defend our nation as an oasis of peace.

We advise the said leaders to desist from issuing provocative and inflammatory statements that would perpetrate acts of violence among their political cadres.

We also urge Church leaders and all patriotic Zambians to join us in condemning the unbecoming conduct of the said leaders as its alien to both our national and Christian principles and values.

We call upon the Police Service High Command to deal firmly with those who are inciting their cadres to engage in physical acts of violence.

However, we commend President Edgar Lungu for not only demonstrating his statesmanship, but also for being a peacemaker.

Indeed, President Lungu has been preaching peace everywhere in both private and public fora.

We expect all political leaders to emulate President Lungu’s good gesture by preaching peace in both private and public fora, and not put the country on fire by inciting political violence.

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