Pathetic Working Conditions In Private Schools

National Action for Quality Education in Zambia [NAQEZ] is deeply concerned
over the pathetic working conditions for teachers in most private schools across
Our recent national survey has revealed that teachers working in most privately
owned schools are exposed to salaries that are below the statutory minimum
wage. It is extremely shocking that most of our noble educators in these
schools actually get less that K1, 200 per month. This is clearly unlawful and
an immediate stop must be put to it.
The nation must also be informed that most owners of private schools in
Zambia do not want their teachers to be unionized. This sad reality exposes
teachers to a lot of intimidations and job insecurities.
These teachers have unclear conditions of work and are without social
securities. In some well known cases, teachers go for months without receiving
the very slavery wages we are condemning. If we will not see positive change
in this sector, we will be forced to name schools who are major culprits.
The finding of NAQEZ is that teachers in most private schools are extremely
demotivated and frustrated. This, we believe, is greatly affecting their
output in classes and ultimately affecting delivery of quality education in
NAQEZ therefore invites the Ministry of Labour to quickly swing into action and
bring industrial sanity in most private schools in the country. The ministry
cannot ignore these clear violations of the law.
We further implore teacher unions to go into private schools and make these
teachers unionized. The industrial relations act allows all employees in Zambia
to form or join unions of their choices.
Issued by:
NAQEZ Executive Director

One Response to "Pathetic Working Conditions In Private Schools"

  1. massayear   July 1, 2018 at 12:40 pm

    The main problem is that most of the so-called teachers in these private schools are actually not even trained to teach. Some are just employed by relatives (who are school administrators) to assist and keep the school running. As such its a dicey situation for government to try and regulate remuneration.