Indicators of a Dead End Relationship

Indicators of a Dead End Relationship

There many factors that indicate that a couple or a relationship is hitting a dead end. These indicators are:

– Lack of commitment

– Lack of communication

– Lack of care

– Lack of attention

There are many more of these indicators but from my experience, these are the major ones that I have noticed and encountered.

Commitment is at the core center of a relationship. It plays a major role to hold a relationship together. A couple that’s committed to building a relationship can and will do anything to work out the differences, the misunderstandings, and the mistrusts. Nevertheless if the, I don’t care issue creeps in a relationship then, that relationship is destined to break. Why lack of commitment? From my experience I would say; besides the I do not care attitude we say if your partner is not getting/giving you the attention then someone else is getting it. Yes we are human beings and prone to fall short of the glory of God, thus if your partner starts spending energy where it is not intended then the relationship heads nowhere.

In this event, the problem would be that your partner has fallen out of love, then/therefore communication becomes difficult.

This is what makes couples get irritated with each other due to this facet. The partner who is still in love may try everything but whatever it is will simply upset the other person, once this happens the relationship is no longer there.

In this age and era communication is in many forms especially that we have calls to make, messages to write, WhatsApp,Twitter Facebook, among others, the indicators would be ignored texts, ignored WhatsApp messages, and so on. There will never be a frustrating thing than messages ignored in a relationship or in this era. Thus communication is but a bridge that connect two people who wants to make it in a relationship of any form.

Words can be said like;

I love you,

I care about you,

I miss you or

I will be there for you to the end.

These are empty words without commitment, without action accompanying these words. They say actions speak louder than words. How does one say, I miss you but ignore texts in any form, then care and attention are but words to such a one. When the partners in a relationship or even in marriage say I miss you or care or love you but become busy with each other then the aforementioned are but words with no meaning.

If the partners can not call each other more often and talk then the relationship is as good as dead.

These are attributes of my own love experience they are bound to be disputed nevertheless according to me they hold water.

Love alone is not enough without the indicators that I have pointed out otherwise nothing works without being there for each other but again we all have were our energies are spent.

Written by:

* Mulenga Mulenga*

TwendaNa Lesa