Zambia Remains At Risk of Cholera Outbreak – Dr. Chilufya

Zambia Remains At Risk of Cholera Outbreak – Dr. Chilufya

Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya has cautioned that although the recent battle against Cholera has been won, the war is far from over.

The Health Minister says Zambia remains at risk of Cholera outbreak as long as issues such as poor sanitation and inadequate solid waste management remains unresolved.

And Dr. Chilufya has maintained that his ministry received a total of K162 million towards combating the cholera outbreak that claimed one hundred and fourteen lives since it broke out in October last year.

Dr. Chilufya has told Parliament in a ministerial statement that the government released a total of K159 million while donations in cash amounted to K3.4 million.

Dr. Chilufya says he is glad that the cholera outbreak was combated but was quick to announce that the war is not over.

He says the cholera outbreak was declared over on 1th June, 2018 after ensuring that there were no more new cases recorded.

Dr. Chilufya states that the last case was recorded in Lusaka’s Mtendere area on 31st May.