State House Is Not A Labour Office-Ndhlovu

State House is not labour office, why is there a traffic of people looking for jobs and deals at that respected house, Former Deputy Minister in the Frederick Chiluba regime Alfred Ndhlovu has charged.

And Ndhlovu said it is sad that Zambia has a Speaker of the National (Dr Patrick Matibini) who has never been a Member of Parliament(MP).
Speaking in an interview, Ndhlovu said President Lungu has allowed State House to be a cash cow because he has basic political understanding, having been in the political lime light less than a decade.
He said there is always traffic of Chinese, Asians and broke Zambians at State House as though it is a labour office.
He said people frequent the official residence of the Head of State looking for jobs, the situation he described as retrogressive.
Ndhlovu said the Ministry of Commerce and  has become irrelevant because most deals are involved at Statehouse, making civil servants working there “extremely rich”.
He said the President should not be involved in any forms of deals, saying that is why he has employed Minister and Permanent to do the job on his behalf.
“President Edgar Lungu has allowed State House
to be a labour because he has little experience in politics. He came on the scene when PF formed Government in 2011. That house is not a labour office,” Ndhlovu said.
And Ndhlovu expressed concern at the quality of the Speaker the country has.
He said Dr Matibini has not held a political office as Member of Parliament and wondered why late Micheal Sata forwarded his name for ratification as Speaker of the National Assembly.
He said the Speaker should be above board and have years of experience in parliament.
Ndhlovu said Dr Matibini’s background is law and not politics as such it is not easy for him to handle politicians.