Statement On Pres. Lungu’s Will To Fight Corruption

July 6, 2018

President Edgar Lungu has demonstrated a political will to fight corruption, contrary to his critics’ assertion that he not committed to the war on graft.

Indeed, President Lungu speaks tough on corruption at every forum, including in his address to the National Assembly.

However, the law -enforcement agencies are mandated by the constitution to probe and prosecute corruption allegations against erring public or government officials, and not the President ‘s duty to do so as alleged by some disgruntled Government critics.

Whilst President Lungu is duty-bound to demonstrate a political will to fight corruption, it’s not his line of duty to probe and prosecute corruption allegations.

As for claims that the then Acting Auditor General Ron Mwambwa ‘s resignation is because of President Lungu’s lack of political will by some disgruntled politicians and human right activists, it’ s a baseless accusation as oversight institutions like Auditor General’s Office and Financial Intelligence Center (FIC) render their reports to the law-enforcement agencies for action, and not the President.

Zambian DNA advises President Lungu’s critics to understand how Government operates, especially that some of them worked in government before.

We are also alive to the fact that ever since President Lungu challenged the so-called ‘Corruption whistle-blowers’ to produce evidence no-one to date has so far presented tangible evidence to Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

We are of the view that corruption allegations should be backed by evidence, and not peddling falsehoods designed to erode the Zambian people’s confidence in President Lungu.

We urge all Zambians to dismiss the corruption allegations as ‘Fake news’, and support President Lungu as he rolls out an all-inclusive development agenda to all parts of the country.

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