Man 26 Committed To High Court For Raping 41-Year-Old

Man 26 Committed To High Court For Raping 41-Year-Old

A MAN accused of raping a fishmonger told the court the torn undergarments of the alleged victim were as result of a meticulous search he conducted on her after she allegedly reneged on a deal to have sex.

Gracious Muzambwe, 26, who has been committed to the High Court for sentencing, defended himself against accusations of rape by insisting that the woman’s pants and breast holders got torn as he frisked her in search of the money he had given her earlier.

Itezhi Tezhi Magistrates Mugala Chalwe convicted Muzambwe following collaborative evidence brought before court by the prosecution.

However, Muzambwe told the court that on the material day, he met a woman he later came to know as Monica Sosopi, 41, and proposed love to her and she accepted.

After she accepted he went with her at drinking place around 02:00 hours. He said that they agreed to go to his home and have sex but after being with her for 30 minutes, she sneaked out and when he saw that it had taken too long for her to come back, he decided to make a follow up.

He told the court that he saw Sosopi leaving the drinking place and he began chasing her until he caught up with her.

Muzambwe said that he asked the woman why she decided to leave after they agreed to go to his home and that she slapped him on his chin and said that she could not do that because she was having her menstrual period.

Muzambwe told the court that he then demanded that Sosopi give him back his money since the sexual services he procured could not be provided but she resisted.

He then decided to search her starting with a meticulous search on her breast holder and when he could not find the money he decided to undress her and search her underwear where he found the money.

He said that during the search, she was screaming and this led to Maurice and Esther Kambeu to come forward and rescue her.