Chikuse Confident Of Scooping Lusaka

Republican Progressive Party(RPP) Mayoral Candidate Leslie Chikuse is craving for a debate with other contestants in the mayoral race.

Prime TV is posed to hold a debate this week, with Chikuse pleading with the Patriotic Front(PF) candidate Miles Sampa not to chicken out but come forward to respond to pressing issues.
Chikuse is worried that the PF has a tendency of not taking part in public discussions.
Asked as to why he thinks the ruling party is not willing to debate, Chikuse said the PF is scared to go on debate with other political party candidates because they have told many lies and now have run out of lies to tell the Zambian people.
Chikuse said the people of Lusaka are now aware of lies and unfulfilled promises of the ruling party, hence will not make a mistake of voting for the ruling party candidate Sampa.
“The PF have told many lies and now have nothing to tell the people, that is why they are scared to engage into a public debate with other political parties,” Chikuse said.

He expressed regret that the Electoral Commission of Zambia(ECZ) has not done enough to promote the candidates ahead of the forth coming mayoral elections.
Chikuse said by now, ECZ could have organised air time on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation(ZNBC) for candidates so that they fully interact with the candidates.
He, however, expressed hope of scooping the elections.
Chikuse said the people of Lusaka have an opportunity to vote for a person who will redeem them and bring development to the city.
Chikuse painted himself as a people centered person.
“The people of Lusaka need water, good sanitation, good roads, good health facilities and improved drainage. This can be achieved with transperancy in revenue collections,” he said.