Zambians Will Share Poverty If Lungu Stops Travelling- Siliya

Zambians Will Share Poverty If Lungu Stops Travelling- Siliya

Chief Government Spokesperson, Dora Siliya says President Edgar Lungu will continue to travel with or without austerity measures in place.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka, Ms Siliya, however, states that this does not mean that the President will travel unnecessarily.

She says each trip President Lungu makes abroad are about the country and not about him as an individual.

Ms.Siliya says the President’s job description includes selling Zambia abroad to attract investment, adding that if the President does not travel, people in the country will be sharing poverty.

Ms. Siliya who is also Information and broadcasting services minister further states that all the trips that President Lungu makes both outside and within the country are budgeted for.

The Minister says government always anticipates where President Lungu is likely to travel when formulating the national budget.

Meanwhile Ms. Siliya says engagements on the issue of Topstar and local TV stations are ongoing.

She says her Ministry has taken note of some lacunas in the law which the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has been tasked to address.

Ms. Siliya says her Ministry is also working at providing further clarity on the policy on digital migration.