UPPZ Headed For Victory

UNITED Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) National Spokesperson Francis Mwamba Kope has declared the party ready for tomorrow’s by-elections.
UPPZ, a party that is growing like ‘bush fire’ is taking part in the Thursday 26th July 2018 Lusaka Mayoral elections as well as fronting aspirants in the Chipangali and Chilanga Council Chairperson seats.
On the eve of the contest, Mr. Kope was bubbling with confidence that the UPPZ candidate, 25-year-old Leo Madalitso Mutukwa will carry the day.
“We have done our political homework. UPPZ has been generally accepted by the Zambian people. As The United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia, we know that we are headed for victory. If you followed yesterday when the UPPZ president was in Chipangali, Chipangali said yes. Everyone said yes in Chipangali. In short, Eastern Province has said Yes, Lusaka has said Yes, they want a young and vibrant Mayor, Chilanga has said yes, they need someone who is young and matured, a man who can take care of Chipangali. As UPPZ, we know that we are headed for victory,” bragged Kope.
Kope, a Journalist by profession warned against rigging.
“We note that our colleagues who are experts in vote buying and rigging are shamelessly celebrating even when they have outrightly rigged. We know that they are geared to do all they can in order to frustrate the people and of course to do what they know best, but we will not allow anyone to steal the votes at this particular time because we know that UPPZ is a formidable force as a political party. We are ready for tomorrow’s votes and on behalf of the President Charles Chanda, our candidates are ready and we are preparing for our celebrations,” boasted an optimistic Mr Kope.
The UPPZ National Spokesperson prayed for free and fair elections.
“We are urging the police, Electoral Commission of Zambia and every election monitor to be vigilant and see to it that we have peaceful elections. In the democratic dispensation, peace is a must as participants must be issue based. In an election, is not worth an election, an election full of intimidation is not worthy an election as we believe in free and fair elections. We do not want any form of intimidation, we don’t want vote buying and we don’t want violence because this Zambia’s peace was fought at the cost of blood of our forefathers. We therefore, don’t want to see blood when casting the votes,” Mr Kope said.