UPPZ Exposes Lusaka Mayoral Rigging Scam

United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia(UPPZ) leader Charles Chanda has exposed a rigging scam in which the Patriotic Front(PF) are ferrying youths from Levy Park Mall to all the constituencies in an effort to impose “progical son” Miles Sampa on the residents of Lusaka.

“We are by Levy Park and PF is loading youths into ten buses. These buses that they are loading youths…definitely these are boys they are getting from the streets, they want them to go and vote somewhere. If these boys where from the constituencies, why load them at Levy Park because they are supposed to be in their constituencies. Now, it is very clear these people will be taken where they did not register to vote because they are coming in one by one,” Mr Chanda disclosed.
He said the Electoral Commission of Zambia(ECZ) is aware of the scam but that since it is a “toothless body” it cannot act against the electoral fraud.
“We are saying that this kind of electoral scam should come to an end. It is not fair. How I wish all other parties who are participating in an election can find their way to Levy Park Mall to find out where these people are going. It is not fair, we are not being cry babies but for how long will political parties especially the PF continue stealing elections. This is uncalled for and against the electoral code of conduct,” Mr Chanda complained.
Earlier, there were on-line reports that Kabulonga Boys polling station had no ink to mark those who have voted.

“What is happening is that the presiding officer is just telling people after marking them that the ink will appear after 15 minutes of voting.”

One Response to "UPPZ Exposes Lusaka Mayoral Rigging Scam"

  1. Mabvuto   July 27, 2018 at 4:46 pm

    its not an offence to give someone a ride to a polling station.you simply cant vote from there without a voters card not even when u r registered at a difrent poling station. Stop crying. Grow up. styupid