EX-President’s Daughter Who Was Raped At A Deserted Place Goes To Court

EX-President’s Daughter Who Was Raped  At A  Deserted Place Goes To Court

THE Lusaka Magistrate’s Court heard how a former President’s daughter was allegedly raped by her ex-boyfriend at a deserted place in Woodlands residential area.

And the victim’s mother narrated how her traumatised daughter called her to explain the ordeal. When the matter came up before magistrate Irene Wishimanga, the victim’s mother told the court that on November 7, 2017, her daughter told her that Chokani Sakala, the man she broke up with, raped her.

She said the medical report from the hospital concluded that she had bruises on her wrists and legs. The victim’s mother further said when she tried to call Sakala, he refused to speak with her. The mother further said efforts to get to Sakala’s family to discuss the matter failed until she went to Lusaka University management to inquire about his whereabouts. She further told the court that Sakala was later arrested.

“When we went to Levy [Business Park], we found the young man and his mother. He was wearing a hood which covered his head. I told the mother I needed to talk to her son about what happened but the mother said her son and my daughter were in a relationship,” she narrated.
She said her daughter did not know where she was raped from, but after police investigations, it was discovered that the place was behind Woodlands Police Station.

“I came to know the place after police officers took me there during their investigations. It is behind Woodlands Police Station, a deserted place, filled with litter and used condoms,” she said.

The victim’s mother also described the place where her daughter was allegedly raped as an open brothel.
And State House senior private secretary Ogeon Gondwe testified how he received a phone call at night from the victim’s mother.
He told the court that he picked the victim from school and took her to Woodlands Police Station to report the matter.

“I called her and told her that I was on my way. I then picked her and we went to Woodlands Police Station, where she gave a statement. After that, I took her to the University Teaching Hospital, and at around 04:30 hours, we left the hospital,” he said.
In this case, Sakala, 33, a student at Lusaka University allegedly raped the victim.

It is alleged that on the material day, Sakala called the victim so that they could discuss their relationship after she ended it.