Wife Who Left A Pot Of Nshima Boiling On Fire To Have A Quickie With Her Lover Dragged To Court

Wife Who Left A Pot Of Nshima Boiling On Fire To Have A Quickie With Her Lover Dragged To Court

A local court has ordered a 63-year-old man to pay K10, 000 as compensation for committing adultery with another man’s wife.

Paul Ndashi, a security guard of Chazanga compound has been ordered by the Matero Local Court to compensate Allan Ngulube, 49, a carpenter for committing adultery with his wife, Beatrice Mbewe, 39.

Ngulube told Senior Court Magistrate Miyanda Banda that problems started three years ago after he went to Chipata for six months when Mbewe started the affair with Ndashi because she stopped shaving his pubic hair and that he used to see a certain number on her phone.

He explained that when their child was hospitalised on May 27, 2018, he gave Mbewe his phone which is on recording because her battery was low and that Ndashi phoned saying “sweetie” and she responded she was at hospital at which Ndashi said he will pray for the child to be well.

‘’When  Mbewe heard the recording she knelt down and confessed that she made love with Ndashi at Mai Chola on one occasion and Ndashi also apologised and wanted to give me money,’’ said Ngulube.

Ngulube said that he married Mbewe in 1997 and that they have five children, adding that he paid dowry.

In defence, Ndashi denied committing adultery with Mbewe and that he just knows her as a friend.  He said he got her number four years ago because he has different numbers of women.

He explained that when he phoned her at a time she was at hospital he just wanted to greet her.

‘’I apologised to Ngulube for having the phone number of his wife and I wanted to give him money but he refused,’’ said Ndashi.

Mbewe testified that Ndashi got her phone number in 2016 and that when he phoned her to make love she told him to book a room but he had no money and looked for an unfinished house which they couldn’t find. They ended up near the road at Mai Chola area at a bush at around 19:00 hours and made love quickly because she left a pot of nshima boiling.

The court said that it was evident that Ndashi made love to Mbewe and that he cannot be getting numbers from women for no reason, noting that they may have had sex on several occasions.

The court said that Ndashi is a senior citizen who should build marriages and not take phone numbers from married people and take advantage of their problems to have sex with them.

Ndashi was ordered to pay the fine with initial payment of K500 followed by monthly instalments of K300.