Government Constructing USD393 Million Kalungwisi Farming Block

By Misheck Nyirongo

Northern Province Minister Brian Mundubile has disclosed that government is constructing the $393 million Kalungwisi farming block in the province and warns people against the careless sale of land to foriegners.

And Mr Madubile has emphasised the need for graduates in the country to change their mindset and became entrepreneurs, while oil exploration continues in Northern Province

Meanwhile, Mtendere ward 30 councillor Watson Mtonga has disclosed that 24 members of the infamous notorious teen gang known as fluphies have been arrested as Mtendere awaits for the construction of the police station.

Speaking at the PF Interactive Forum Lusaka,hon Mundubile said the construction of the Kalungwishi Farming Block is in two phases and the first one has started at the cost of $234 million.

He said phase two will be tackled by engaging the private sector participation and the remaining $59 million is for the construction of the dams .
“The infrastructure will be done by the Exime Bank of China though negotiations with the Ministry of Finance are underway.

The Northern Province law maker urged the people in the country to protect land for sustainable development.

” For land, I agree with you that we must be very careful .We still have land and must look after it.We must employ this land for sustainable development, “advised Hon Mundubile.

He added that Government has banned the use of chitemene system of cutting down trees as a way of preserving land.

“The world in the near future is expected to undergo a population explosion and as such, we must position ourselves to preserve land for cultivation because the country can be a food basket not only for the region but the world,” he said,

“Most developed countries have run out land because they have built industries and have no land for agriculture.”
Hon Mundubile who is als PF chairperson for legal affairs added:”We still have land, it can not easily be sold or tempered with.We must protect it and one way is to come up with farming blocks and other skills to safe guard it.”

He is concerned that there is a very low start up entrepreneurship at graduates level in the country.

“With the training they go through, graduates are better positioned to start up businesses,Because it is easier for them to assemble a bankable proposal and defend it to the bank,” the Northern Province Minister said.

” Before we look at a villager, we are talking about our graduates with all the knowledge and the MBA’s obtained ,what have they used them for enterpreneurship?” he questions.

“Zambia must begin to find home grown solutions using the citizens hence the need for graduates to change their mindset.”

The Minister revealed that Northern Province is undergoing massive development.A region laboratory was completed in Kasama to take care of Northern and Muchinga Provinces with regards to diagnosis of animal diseases.
“Two universities are under construction .Communications towels have been built with rural electrification and ZESCO is connecting the province to the national grid.And oil exploration is work under progress being done by talo exploration which discovered oil in Uganda and Kenya,” he said.

And Mtendere ward 30 councillor watson Mtonga has appealed to the people in communities to be whistle blowers when ever they suspect elements of crime, following the arrest of 24 members of a notorious teen gang, the fluphies.

The Councillor said K1million was released through the office of Munali Constituency MP for the construction of a police station instead of a police post,which has since been demolished.
Mtendere has a large population of about 130 ,000 people.

Councillor Mtonga sympathised with the residents of Mtendere Compound with regards to crime perpetuated by fluphies but said the crime rate has reduced because the inspector General of Police has deployed 60 police officers to intesify patrols in the area.