Investrust Bank Plc Director Employs His Girlfriend as his Deputy

Investrust Bank Plc Director Employs His Girlfriend as his Deputy

Dear Editor
I write to share my dissatisfaction about what is happening at Investrust Bank Plc specifically in the Retail Department. The Investrust Bank Head of Retail Geoffrey Ndaba recently recruited two Senior Manager of which one is widely believed to be his girlfriend by the name of Grace Mulatu and the other his best friend named Patric Zimba. I know there is nothing wrong with recruiting friends provided they can deliver. However, there is everything professionally and ethically wrong in not following recruitment procedures and hiring girlfriends that don’t have qualifications for the Job.

At Investrust Bank, even banking clerks need to have a degree to be recruited. Its however shocking that one candidate by the name of Grace Mulatu was hired to supervise our Bosses (Branch Managers) and only has a college diploma. Not only that, the interviews conducted were very uncompetitive as the job was not advertised and she only competed with 2 other candidates that clearly had no experience for the senior manager role in charge of managing branches. In short, the interviews were just a formality.

This was a lady that replaced Chipego Mudenda a holder of a degree in Economics and an MBA. Mr Chipego as since been moved to an irrelevant role in the bank just because someone wanted to created room for his girlfriend. For the other Senior Manager role in charge of electronic channels , only 2 candidates were interviewed and one was picked by the name of Patric Zimba . Both Grace Mulatu and Patric Zimba worked with the current Head of Retail Geoffrey Ndaba at Barclays Bank were they were retrenched for reasons not in public domain.

Grace Mulatu as on several times boasted when drunk that she ‘fucks’ Geoffrey Ndaba. The madam has vaguer language, has enough ‘sex’ stories and is disrespectful. Besides, the bank is in ICU financially and consequently there was no need for hiring Senior Managers at such a big cost when us unionized staff get peanuts.

Am sure many think what am saying is not true because I am bitter. Of course I am and that is why am writing this. I had to wait to leave the bank to be comfortable to write this letter. This is why Zambian products/services don’t improve because we allow such selfish personal interest at the expense of customers and the shareholders.

I hope you can disguise my identity and solicit Bank of Zambia, CCPC and any other authorities to review this abuse in an objective manner as he thinks he can do anything because he is a friend to the CEO.

Thanks for your space.