August 8, 2018

The Zambian DNA is elated that the people of Western Province and other areas that were perceived to be opposition strongholds, are finally beginning to see that President Edgar Lungu and his government mean well, as all inclusive infrastructure development is being rolled out in all parts of our great nation without leaving anyone behind.

We welcome the positive political Wind Of Change in Western Province as well as other areas perceived to be opposition strongholds, where the people have chosen to partner and work with the government who are doing everything to improve the welfare of our people, many of whom still live in abject poverty.

We commend the Barotse Royal Establishment ( BRE) and other traditional leaders for their commitment to work with the government of the day in order to foster development their respective areas.

However, we urge the people of Western Province and indeed Zambia in general not to be deceived or swayed by the opposition, who have nothing to offer the Zambian people as they have abandoned their role of providing checks and balances to government.

We are alive to the fact that some opposition political parties in Zambia with Members of Parliament in are not interested in the welfare of the electorates, hence the absence of any meaningful development in their respective constituencies, as they oppose and criticize everything the government says or does.

In view of the foregoing, the Zambian DNA is appealing to all patriotic and well meaning citizens of our great nation, to support and rally behind President Lungu and his government’s robust national development agenda that leaves no one behind.

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