UPPZ Giving PF A Run For There Money









James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku

RPP President


I wish to thank the efforts of the UPPZ and its leadership by standing up as a true opposition political party, independent of pf guise and sponsorship. In a country where the ruling pf has chosen to implant, fund and sponsor certain opposition political parties, its comforting to find the UPPZ standing up as a real opposition. This has been the same spirit of the RPP to see new leadership standing on exceptional principles of democracy, at the shame of the front surrogates that are cheating as being opposition but holding very dark corner meetings with the pf and some former president.
It must be noted that even when the pf could think of scandalising the opposition political parties by sponsoring confusions, true and genuine opposition will stand and represent the masses with truthfulness and sincerity, the way the UPPZ is doing.
I thank you comrade Chanda and the UPPZ for the milestone determination, in our opposition circles.
For the pf sponsored group, I must say that sticks are lame and just like lies they have short legs. Soon the nation will know that you are just some destructive fronts thriving on pf crumbs, and the former president at the centre of your sponsorship shall be exposed.

Thank you.