Road To Cost Zambia Sugar K10 Million

Road To Cost Zambia Sugar K10 Million

ZAMBIA Sugar Limited Plc has started working on the 10-kilometre Lubombo Road to enhance agriculture and entrepreneurship in Mazabuka.The project, which is an initiative by Zambia Sugar, will be complemented by other stakeholders such as the Road Development Agency (RDA), Lafarge Zambia, International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the National Council for Construction (NCC).

The NCC will conduct capacity building and training of youths and women on how to use technology to implement the project.
The road will be built from cobalt stones through labour-based technology and will take about three years to complete.
The project is estimated to cost K1 million per kilometre.

Speaking during a breakfast meeting yesterday, Zambia Sugar managing director Rebecca Katowa said the project is all-encompassing as it ensures shared value through private public and community partnership.
Ms Katowa said Zambia Sugar is the largest employer in Mazabuka, hence the need for the company to ensure people have access to markets through a good road network.

She said the project will not only help the company reach its markets easier, but will promote agricultural activities by providing easy access to markets.

“The project, once completed, will promote farm activities between Lubombo and Mazabuka town. The project will also address society needs as this is a strategic road which will provide benefits for commercial farmers, among others,” Ms Katowa said.
She said the project will promote shared value and Public Private Partnerships approach to public and community infrastructure development.

Ms Katowa said mobilisation has started, and equipment has been taken on site, with 175 workers deployed.
And speaking at the same function, ILO country representative Alexio Musindo said the project is development-oriented as it aims to promote agriculture in the area.

RDA director Stephen Sondashi said the agency will oversee the implementation of the project by ensuring quality work is done.
And Southern Province Permanent Secretary Mwangala Liomba urged the stakeholders to ensure the project is completed on time.

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  1. The3y3   August 14, 2018 at 5:40 pm

    That’s an average of 3.33km per year!! By the time they are doing the 10th km the 1st 2 or so kms would have been damaged!