Wife Chooses Pig Supplier Over Husband

Wife Chooses Pig Supplier Over Husband

A HUSBAND of Racecourse township in Kitwe sent the court into laughter when he asked his wife whether the man who was supplying her with heads of pigs for sale also supplied her with a child she has outside wedlock. Wisdom Ng’andwe alleged before the Garneton Local court that his wife, Ireen Phiri, was having an affair with a pig supplier and that the two have a child together.

Ng’andwe, who is seeking divorce from his wife he married in 2007, told the court that all was well in their marriage until 2014 when he lost his job.
“Before I lost my job, we used to live well with my wife, we used to eat well and live well,” he said.

Ng’andwe said when he lost his job, his wife decided to start a business of buying heads of pigs and sell them in taverns. He said his wife then started drinking and would come home at 23:00 hours, on the pretext that she was selling heads of pigs in bars. Ng’andwe said the next thing he saw was his wife having an affair with the man that supplies her with heads of pigs.

He said the pig supplier would bring her home and that his wife would say that that was her customer. Ng’andwe said his sister had asked him to go to Mansa because there were some recruitments at a certain company.He said immediately he left for Mansa, his wife called to inform him that she was returning the dowry because she was no longer interested in the marriage. Ng’andwe said his wife has since deserted him and has a child with the pig supplier.

But Phiri, who came to court with a baby wrapped on her back described her husband as an irresponsible man, who could not fend for his family.
She accused her husband of beating her and not supporting her in any way. Phiri agreed she is married to another man and also to the fact that she used to come back home in the night drunk.

“I left my husband and now I am married to a man who is full of potential. I also used to come back home late because of the nature of my business. I sell pig heads to drunkards in the night club,” he said. Ganerton senior presiding magistrate Mutono Banda granted the couple a free divorce after realising that they both contributed to the break-down of their marriage.