SAD: Male Nurse Allegedly Rapes Pregnant Woman

SAD: Male Nurse Allegedly Rapes Pregnant Woman

A Male nurse at Chitina Rural Health Centre in Mkushi district has allegedly raped a three months pregnant woman while he was attending to her during an antenatal session. The incident happened last Wednesday around 10:00 hours when the 31-year-old woman went to the health centre in the company of her husband. Central Province commissioner of police Joel Njase and Mkushi district commissioner Luke Mwamba confirmed the arrest.

The suspect, Nicomed Banda, is in charge of Chitina Rural Health Centre. He is now in police custody. The incident has also been confirmed by Central Province medical officer Charles Msiska.

“A housewife reported that she was raped by Nicomed Banda, a male nurse at Chitina clinic,” Mr Njase said in an interview yesterday.
“What we have gathered from the victim is that she was forced to have sex when she went for medical examinations during her antenatal visit with her husband,” Mr Njase said.

He said while the woman was being screened by Banda, her husband remained outside the room.And Mr Mwamba, who met the victim yesterday, said the information he gathered indicated that the suspect wanted to settle the matter quietly. Mr Mwamba said according to the woman and her husband, Banda allegedly raped her while he was screening her.

He said the woman only revealed the whole ordeal to her husband after returning home because she did not want to cause alarm at the health centre.
Mr Mwamba has since ordered that all the three male nurses at Chitina Rural Health Centre be transferred to other health centres and replaced by female ones.
“This is not the first time that he (Banda) is reported to have done such a thing. In 2016, he allegedly abused a grade nine pupil and that is the time he was transferred to Chitina Rural Health Centre.

“But for me, I am of the view that he should be fired so that other male nurses can learn a lesson,” Mr Mwamba said. And Dr Charles Msiska said his office has received a report on the matter from Mkushi District Health office.

He confirmed that Banda is in police custody in Mkushi. “For now, I can’t comment further because this is a matter under investigations, but we will follow it up,” Dr Msiska said. “We will also engage the couple who have suffered from this unfortunate development.” Dr Msiska said if found wanting, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against Banda.

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  1. Chinjabata Kayeye   August 29, 2018 at 10:14 am

    Why didn’t the woman shout for help?
    why did she wait to tell the husband until they reached home?
    its either her & the husband planed the thing to black mail the nurse or she wanted so badly to test the penis of another man. Foolish woman!

  2. blair   August 30, 2018 at 5:54 am

    the woman is just a prostitute, li uhule lyakantu. why should this slow thinkers known as police make an issue out of this. how did she undress? umwanakashi pakufula kaputula ninshi natemwa. ihule lyakantu ilii, why didnt she shout for help. next story please not this one for a prostitute