The Man Behind The Petauke Video Identified

The Man  Behind The Petauke Video Identified

As seen on social media, the man who made the infamous petaukeuke video has been identified and nabbed by the police. In the video, a woman who appeared to be so drunnk was been abused.

Meanwhile a Non-Governmental Organizations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) is disgusted by the conduct of the man who exposed the nakedness of the woman after allegedly raping her.

vlcsnap-8516-03-25-16h29m29s114Programs Manager Chilufya Siwale says the NGOCC finds it to be inhumane and cruel for the man to take advantage of the unconsciousness of the woman and sexually abuse her.

Ms. Siwale has told Q-News in a statement that her organization thinks that the conduct of the said man is the worst form of indignity against a fellow human being.

She states that this incident yet again epitomizes the entrenched patriarchy and the structural challenges that women face every day in Zambia.

Ms. Siwale notes that this is however a clear indication that moral decay is at its worst in the Zambian society as evidenced by the sad incident in Petauke.

She has disclosed that the NGOCC has since instructed its members in Petauke to help the police to identify the woman in question so that she can help the police with investigations.