The Case Of The Petauke Man “Mr Katundu” & The Drunk Woman.

The Case Of The Petauke Man “Mr Katundu” & The Drunk Woman.

Last week the nation woke up aghast to a video on many social media platforms of a man fondling the private parts of a very drunk and unconscious young lady laying on the bed, the man seemingly enjoying the agony of the lady and calling friends nearby Petauke town that could come join him enjoy “the katundu” that he insistently says was nice, “not very big, but very nice”, he says in the video he recorded. As usual the NGOCC and police were quick to comment on the matter, calling the issue as rape case and his act inhuman, asking the public, especially those from petauke town that had information on either the woman or man in question to avail it to them so that the man in question would be arrested for possible rape. Well, I wish to add my thoughts to the matter.

Firstly, it should be agreed that the act by the man, who fortunate enough has been arrested was inhuman and the worst of its kind, not because there was a woman involved but simply because no human being male or female deserves to be degraded in such a manner, being recorded in a stupor state after a sexual encounter, recorded and exposed to the public.

Secondly, by religion or Zambian tradition, sex is treated as a bedroom act that can not be talked about or shown to the public, not even private parts should be shown as can be attested by the disgust expressed by many a folk when women dress skimpy.

Thirdly, it is against the laws of Zambia, to record, produce and circulate obscene materials; photos or videos as referenced from the famous cases of socialite Iris Kaingu and rapper Bobby East.

The above said, questions, concerns and advice arises;

1. How did the police and NGOCC come to conclude that the man in the video raped the concerned woman before interviewing any of them? The fact that the woman drank with the said man to that point could mean a consensual agreement before the said incident because how else could she drink with a stranger.

2. How did they conclude that she was drugged without lab samples on either urine or blood? To base their conclusion on the woman being unconscious is silly as excessive alcohol consumption can lead to such a state, a common term people say “blacking or black out” which we see often times.

3. Would the man still be to blame if the woman in question took the excess alcohol on her own, because very unlikely it is that she was forced to take that much considering her age.

The police should establish all facts before they charge the aforesaid man “Mr Katundu” with unwarranted charges all to please the public and women led NGOs. Considering the behavior of the man to record and share the video with a friend or friends and later the public, it remains to be seen that the lack of concern on his part could have meant the woman being a stranger or even a pay for sex prostitute who likewise was breaking the law by her act. And while there maybe excitement by women led NGOs to have the man arrested, there should be a follow up by the same female lobby groups on the woman as well, and ascertain truly that she didn’t drink herself to stupor and give consent to sex with Mr Katundu, failure to which we may leave out a cause to the actual debacle.

In conclusion, Mr Katundi may have gone overboard, acting so inhumane and getting excited in his drunken state to fondle the woman and record her in that state but it remains that’s the only crime he committed, not rape or drugging her as their is no evidence yet to that.

Let his case be just that without external and emotional pressure.

Mbanga, Irvine Ilukui.
Fayetteville, Arkansas.
United States of America.

4 Responses to "The Case Of The Petauke Man “Mr Katundu” & The Drunk Woman."

  1. dude where's my car   September 13, 2018 at 7:20 am

    If someone is drunk to the point of non-coherence then they do not have the capacity to consent to any kind of sexual contact. Whether or not the two got drunk together does not change that.

    I have no idea what happens in the video, but if there is any contact of a sexual nature while she was not in a position to consent then that in itself is enough for sexual assault.

    We can agree though that evidence of drugging is needed in which case it makes this would have been premeditated. Either way, this is reprehensible and indefensible.

  2. Finchfield   September 13, 2018 at 8:16 am

    well said, i think some charges against him are baseless. why? because as stated above they have no proof. no lab tests to confirm she was drugged. no interview.

  3. tatwe   September 13, 2018 at 8:53 am

    The author is an idiot. Anyway its normal when you are in a country led by an idiot for a President….USA

    • Ewa   September 13, 2018 at 11:13 am

      The author is a moron. He is pretending to think deep whilst exposing his stupidity. Even if she was, or is a prostitute, she does not deserve to be treated that way. You cannot make one drink alcohol excessively so that you get way, No. The idiot boots of buying alcohol in the video and later on having sex with lady. That is inhuman.