I Am Not A P0rn Stаr- Says Iris

I Am Not A P0rn Stаr- Says Iris

Socialite Iris Kaingu has distanced herself pornography, years after her conviction for producing obscene materials.
While at ZCAS Institute, Iris and her unidentified boy friend appeared in the 15 minute pornographic scene and she consequently fined K10,000 rebased.
However, her boy friend was never mentioned of during trial and escaped punishment, raising eyebrows from women groups.
However, Iris maintains that she has nothing to do with pornography.
“Those who hit my inbox with the idea that I connect them into acting pornography. Am sorry…am not a porn star and knows no one who does it,” posted Kaingu on her facebook page.

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One Response to "I Am Not A P0rn Stаr- Says Iris"

  1. Chigo   September 13, 2018 at 8:55 pm

    I think you have your facts wrong and are being unfair in your reporting. Iris and her then boy friend recorded themselves but it was someone else that actually posted the video online.