The Story That Will Make You Shed Tears: 3-Year-Old Raped (Legal Help Needed)

The Story That Will Make You Shed Tears:  3-Year-Old Raped (Legal Help Needed)

A three year old rapped in Mazabuka and the Police are not being of help.
Luyando whose surname I will not say for her protection went missing on a Saturday when her mum was bathing in the thatched bathroom. She is being sponsored by our foundation. On the fateful when the mother finished bathing she called out the child so she could bath her before applying lotion to save time. She called for Luyando who was nowhere to be found. The mother started panicking and asking everyone if they had seen the child but no had seen her.
Three hours had passed since the mother started looking for the child. When the father came home and after being told what had happened he went to the police to report the child missing. At 19:00 most neighbours come to help search for the child. Among the searchers was the parents’, landlord who helped follow on a lead they had, someone had said they had a child who was taken to the vigilante, who was crying for her mum. That lead turned out to be a false one.
The parents panicked and at three in the morning they decided to go see a Psychic/medium. ( a person who performs acts that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws). The Psychic told them they would find the child but she will not be in good condition. And said that where the child is, was covered by colour green. That they would find her the next day before 12:00.
They parents continued searching with the help of the neighbours, but did not find her. That was now a Sunday. The parents went back to the police at 9:00 and on their way back someone called them to say they had found the child in the Zambia Sugar cane fields and that she was not conscience but was alive.
The child was alive but in very bad condition. The anus and the Virginia was one big hole. She had blood on her clothes and had signs of strangulation I her neck and she had blood in her eyes too but alive.
She was rushed to Mazabuka hospital, they operated on her and when they took her back for review, they found that the wound had opened and she was taken to Monzed and they did everything from the beginning.
One day the child saw the landlord she started crying and said to the mother mummie balanditola alimwi baswabo Samson that is in Tonga literally meaning (mummie he is here, he will take me again) She was so frightened and frantic. When the parents heard that, they told the police what the child was saying. The police interviewed the other kids she was with before she went missing who said that Peter (Landlord) was with them and told them to go back that him and Luyando would bring them giggies(corn snacks). That was the last time the child was seen on that Saturday.
When the police interviewed Peter (landlord) he said he was out of the city before the child went missing until the child was found. Which was not true because he is the one who had followed one the lead with the vigilante. The police took him for his word even after the children identified him as the person who took the child, even the rapped child is telling them it was the guy.
The parents turned to the media to find help. They had prime TV air the story three time that is when the police got serious and went as far as arresting the Peter (landlord). A week and 4 days later the parents head that Mazabuka police let the Peter (Landlord) go. When they went to ask the police said he was still in their custody. The parents insisted that the police call him, the police failed to do that because they had released him on bale they said. Bale? Defilement? The parents asked to be shown were he had signed and who had released him. The police failed to show them.
The suspect relocated from Mazabuka after he was released, he never even went back to his house. No one knows where he is. I can say the police lost him. The parents are not being told anything by the police. They are being told, we will tell you when a court date is set, it’s been two months now.
This is wrong.
Our appeal is help which is not in monetary form but help which is legal, we cannot do anything in the legal frame work as we are just an organisation that helps boys and girls have an education. Therefore please, please people here in this group help us find legal help the future of the child is disturbed she has been traumatised and she will live with it for the rest of her life we also need help with a child counsellor, ‘’A CLOSED MOUTH IS A SHATTERED DESTINY’’ OUR HEARTS BLEED WITH PAIN each time we see the child we are equally traumatised.
We have no better way to explain our HIDEOUS situation WE NEED HELP.

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