PF will win 2021 polls-Chikuse

Republican Progress Party(RPP) vice president Leslie Chikuse says the Patriotic Front(PF) will win the 2021 election as long as the electoral system is porous and easy to manipulate.
And Mr Chikuse has asked the Lusaka City Council(LCC) to start billing the Patriotic Front(PF) for its Lusaka Mayor Myles Sampa’s campaign posters that remain unmoved in the Capital City, two months after elections.
Speaking in an interview with Kwacha, Mr Chikuse said as long as the electoral system and the Constitution remain static, the ruling party will have once again an advantage over the opposition.
Mr Chikuse said it is unfortunate that the UPND are rejecting dialogue based on the institution that will chair the meeting, yet they are the ones who need the process more than any other political party because they are the largest opposition political party in the country.
He said President Lungu has come out in the open that he does not care who chairs the meeting but the UPND who have in the past protested about the outcome of the elections are being adamant and playing politics on a serious issue.
Mr Chikuse said dialogue is important has it will resolve all the outstanding issues, including the electoral disputes.
“PF will win the 2021 election as things stand because the law is very porous. Votes are easily manipulated under the current electoral process. When the UPND are looking at the PVT, they should not concentrate on their result but should look at all the results of participating political parties because polls are stolen from the so called small political parties. We are surprised that the UPND are not taking dialogue seriously yet they are the ones who need the process more than any other political party, in the country” Mr Chikuse said.
And the RPP leader who was also 2018 Lusaka Mayoral Candidate has urged the PF to remove Sampa’s posters from Lusaka City because the elections are long gone.
He said ECZ should take an interest because the PF is committing electoral misconduct.
“…Otherwise, people will think that Myles Sampa is campaigning for 2021,” he said.