You Start Eating Your Children, CK Tells Zambians


Imwe ati Lungu!Lungu! Lungu! mukamba ukulya abana benu, says Patriotic Front(PF) Rebel MP Chishimba Kambwili in his native bemba loosely translated as(For you it is Lungu! Lungu! Lungu, you will eating your own Children.
And Kambwili has exposed more corruption in the Ministry of Health.
Dr Kambwili said he does no have no regard for President Lungu and wondered why some Zambians hero-worship him when he has condemned them to squarer because of his alleged incompetence.
He said very soon Zambians will start eating their own children because of hunger inflicted by President Lungu and his Government.
Dr Kambwili wondered how President Lungu went with huge entourage to China to visit Huwei, a contractor, contracted to put communution towers in the country.
“How can a President visit the office of a contractor in China. Huwei is not a donor, Huwei is not a Government institution but it is a contractor that has been contracted by Government to put communication towel. The President goes to China with a huge entourage to visit the office of Huwei. Corruption, nabaya mukufola, imwee mulechula and when elections come, you are busy voting. This man is a danger to the nation. He has made so much money, look at road construction. Ukulikonse alekula tar mark kupikako and whenever Chitotela is building, tarmaki ku bekakako(Everywhere he is constructing a house, they put a tarred road and where Chitotela(Ronald Minister) is building, there is a tarred road) yet you from Matero, Chawama have houses without tar marks and then you are standing up and saying, Lungu!Lungu Lungu! It is up to you,” he said.
Dr Kambwili said it was illogical for President Lungu to make an announcement that Zambians have accepted the 30 Ngwee WhatUp charge from China when he could have easily held a Press Conference in Lusaka.
“Lungu leaves Zambia…that is why I say ba President benenu naine ni ba President bandi. Ba President besu bafilwa ukulanda ati Zambians have accepted the 30 Ngwee internet charge mu Zambia bayamukulandila ku China. When he is in Zambia, he doesn’t hold a press conference, he doesn’t communicate to the public then he goes to talk in China. Are Chinese voters. So you could see that this 30 Ngwee charge has everything to do with Huwei,” Kambwili said
He went for the corruption in the Ministry of Health.
Kambwili said there is a company called Karibu Pharmaceuticals has been bringing in drugs that have not been cleared by Pharmaceutical and Poison Board. One of the fake drugs brought by Karibu Pharmaceuticals was pounced on by the regulator, Pharmaceutical and Poisons’Board. Chilufya(Chitalu, Health Minister) threatened the board and the President called the board that “leave those people, how sort it out. This matter was withdrawn from the High Court and is in the office of the President. Why is he interfering? What is his interest.This pharmaceutical is owned by Indians Bintu and Lulu. They supplied expired drugs for people with hypertension.”

Source: Kwacha Celebrity Newspaper