Cassava Virus Breaks Out In Luapula & N.Western Provinces

Cassava Virus Breaks Out In Luapula & N.Western Provinces

Minister of Agriculture Michael Katambo has confirmed the outbreak of the Cassava Brown Streak Virus Disease in Luapula and North Western Provinces.

Michael KatamboMr. Katambo says the virus is threatening to destroy huge hectares of Cassava plantation and that the most affect areas include Chiengi, Kaputa, Kabompo, Zambezi, Solwezi and Chavuma Districts.

He says, for example, 29 cassava fields were surveyed in Chiengi and Kaputa out of which 23 fields were found to be infected with the virus.

Speaking during a media briefing, Mr. Katambo said the virus is characterized by patches of yellow mixed with the normal green color on the leaves of the cassava plant.

Mr. Katambo says in order to contain the viruses government has restricted the movement of planting materials from areas where the disease has been detected to disease free areas.

He notes that an estimated total of over K5 million is required to effectively manage and contain the disease.