Box of Tomatoes Hits K10

Box of Tomatoes Hits K10

Dear Editor,

In as much as we claim to diversify business into agriculture, as a country we have not invested into value addition. This is happening in Solwezi right now, a box of tomatoes selling as low as K10. Look at the huge loss incurred by our farmers, yet the country has continued to import various tomato products from other countries that have embraced value addition.

With this kind of wastage of resources, as a country how are we going to grow our economy? Why can’t the government and other stakeholders tap into value addition than allowing our resources go to waste like this. We will continue borrowing and being called names to countries like China if we don’t change from this syndrome.

The question is are our leaders blind on these matters that are affecting our communities? Is there anyone out there who is looking at how we can utilize value addition in this country? Are we going to manage large projects being undertaken when these small and medium projects that can drive the economy are being neglected?

It’s a pity as a country we can’t utilize these opportunities. Yet we have so much documented in our Seventh National Development Plan and Vision 2030. It seems diversification in Zambia is just on paper that in reality.
Jermah Seasonz Kazadi