Lungu praised

A consortium of Non-Governmental Organisation and organisations and political parties, commend President Edgar Lungu for his watershed speech to the National Assembly in which he articulated many critical national issues, including Zambia’s debt to China and corruption.
The statement that has been issued by Zambian DNA, Battle Cry, New Congress Party(NCP) Media Election Monitoring Project (MEMP), Citizens Democratic Party(CDP) noted as usual President Edgar Lungu’critics have rubbished the speech, saying that the Head of State has failed to articulate how he intends to tackle Zambia’s debt and fight corruption.
“But President Lungu, in his speech, clearly explained how Government plans to address the national debt and demonstrated the political will to fight corruption,
However, there is an on-going smear campaign to tarnish President Lungu’s image by portraying him of not seriously addressing the said national critical” the statement reads in part.
The statement stated that those attacking President Lungu are merely doing out of malice, ill-will and envy.
It said President Lungu enjoys the mandate from the Zambian people to govern up to 2021 and beyond as he has demonstrated that he is the right captain for the Zambian ship.
“…More so, the Head of State has steered the nation into a revolution to transform the country and improve the Zambian people’s welfare,” the statement said, “Indeed, President Lungu has demonstrated his statesmanship for running an all inclusive Government without leaving anyone behind, including those who did not vote for him.”
A consortium of NGOs and political party appealed to President Lungu to remain steadfast in the discharge of his duties and focus on delivering on the campaign promises he made to the Zambian people.
“We urge the Zambian people to continue rendering support to the Republican President whom they gave the mandate to govern.