No Lotion No Sзx, Wife Boycotts

No Lotion No Sзx, Wife Boycotts

A 39-year-old woman of Lilanda township caused laughter in the Matero Local Court when she said she denies her husband sex because he does not buy her lotion. Francina Ilunga told the court that she has been denying her husband Whiteson Phiri, 47, sex because he does not care for her.
Ilunga told the court that Phiri does also not show concern even when she is feeling unwell.

“My husband does support me in any way from the time we got married, he only buys clothes for himself. When I am sick, my husband does not show any form of care,” she said. She was testifying in a case in which she was sued for marriage reconciliation. The two got married in 1997 and have five children together. Bride price was partly paid.

Ilunga in his submissions, told the court that she is not willing to reconcile with Phiri. But Phiri told magistrate Pauline Newa sitting with magistrate Miyanda Banda that he still wants his wife because he loves her.nHe told the court that problems in his marriage started when the couple had their second child.

“My wife started drinking beer and started denying me my conjugal rights, I took her for marriage counselling but she did not change,” Phiri said. He told the court that Ilunga would go for business in Namwala where she would take a lot of days to come back home. Phiri told the court that he does not remember the last time he had sex with his wife.

“My wife is always drunk and is usually unruly. I want the court to help us reconcile,” he said. The court dismissed the claim for reconciliation on grounds that Ilunga