Zambians Have Fallen In Love With Lungu



September 24, 2018

Zambians have fallen in love with President Edgar Lungu and the PF, and their love may not fade away soon contrary to the assertions by a few prophets of doom.

The majority Zambians are fully convinced that he is the right leader who has the heart for the people, including the poor in our society.

Indeed, the time will come for President Lungu to vacate office, but not sooner than 2026.

However, it’s not strange for President Lungu’s foes to wish his down fall, but it’s unpatriotic for those who aspire to take over the mantle from him to throw a big parry whenever donors withhold aid meant to improve the welfare of the people they seek to govern.

No wonder they have orchestrated an ill-conceived scheme to agitate for regime change by painting President Lungu black.

In fact ,some opposition political parties ,in an alliance with civil society organizations and media outlets hostile to Government ,have been peddling lies in an effort to tarnish President Lungu and his Government ‘s image at home and abroad.

They have continued to lie about the country’s debt and other national issues. They have also been spreading hate-speech, inciting Zambians to rise against foreigners thus deliberately chasing foreign investors or scaring potential investors away and frustrating Government efforts to woo the much-needed investors in the country.

The Zambian Kwacha has even depreciated against other convertible currencies owing to the careless talk of the said politicians.

Further, they claim that Government is trying to sell national assets when in fact they are the ones who are scheming to mortgage the country to the highest bidder.

Zambian DNA is aware that some politicians are being funded by those they want to mortgage the country to.

However, the consolation is that the patriotic Zambian people have been rejecting the said politicians and they are ready to do so again at the ballot box.

We urge the Zambian people to rubbish the said bunch of politicians’ lies about Government, and rally behind President Lungu as he strives to improve their welfare.

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