Financial Intelligence Director Files For Divorce Again

Financial Intelligence Director Files For Divorce Again

Financial  Intelligence Centre director Mary Tshuma has again asked the Lusaka High Court to dissolve her marriage with Mr Kudakwashe Tshuma of Burning Bush Church in Lusaka. This is on allegations that Mr Tshuma often threatens to kill himself, and has inappropriate affairs with other women.

This is barely four months after Mrs Tshuma filed for divorce in the same court on similar grounds, but she later withdrew the case. In the divorce petition filed on September 19, Mrs Tshuma says she got lawfully married to Mr Tshuma on March 10, 2017. She says her husband has threatened to kill himself, sometimes in full view of their neighbours and the house guard.

Mrs Tshuma says on March 17 this year when she arrived home from a trip a day earlier than expected, before entering the bedroom, she overheard Mr Tshuma enticing another woman on phone while fondling himself and telling her that “I want you now”. When she walked into the bedroom, her husband allegedly got confused and could not say anything.

Mrs Tshuma says when she confronted him, he claimed that the woman he was talking to was his former girlfriend. “The petitioner moved out of the bedroom to the spare bedroom. A week later, the respondent (Mr Tshuma) confronted the petitioner and grabbed her official phone and violently broke it.

“The petitioner ran outside the house but the respondent pursued her with intent to beat or assault her in full view of the maid, guard and neighbours,” the petition reads in part. Mrs Tshuma also says when she travelled to Arusha, Tanzania, and was followed by her husband three days later, she discovered messages on his mobile phone from other women.

When she asked about them, he allegedly became physical and threw the phone in full view of her workmates, thereby causing her embarrassment.
“The respondent also has inappropriate associations with other women. When confronted about his relationship with these women, the respondent became physical or threatened to kill himself,” the petition further reads.

Mrs Tshuma says the threats to kill himself caused her anguish and mental distress on account that her previous husband committed suicide. She adds that Mr Tshuma is also confrontational to children from her previous marriage, and as such they live in fear. Mrs Tshuma further says her husband is dishonest where money is concerned.

“He was given money in the sum of K60,000 to start a car-wash business but he failed to account for it after buying a few pieces of equipment.
“In July 2017, he requested for money to buy a keyboard for his church and said the price was K28,000, when in fact the actual price was K15,000,” the petition reads further.

Mrs Tshuma says at some point when she woke up around midnight, she found her husband staring at her.
When she asked why, he said if she died he would get out of the matrimonial home with nothing but his passport and work permit as he had nothing to his name.